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Here’s a question that’s on many people’s lips nowadays, ‘Can I use witchcraft to enhance my life, including making more money?’ and the answer is yes. There are many ways to do this but I am going to assume you will want to follow the Laws of the Universe and take it from there.

Following the Laws of the Universe means increasing your energy, as all good things do. And don’t make the mistake of thinking money is evil, it’s not. Money is neutral; it’s the use you make of it that can be evil of good or anywhere in between. As usual, if you want to become rich, you will need to include it in your thoughts and visualizations but there is another qualification, generosity.
Please understand that money alone is not enough for your spiritual wellbeing. Have you seen those reports of some lottery winners who spent it all very soon after their big wins? If you only want money in your life you will run the risk of becoming like them and losing it all very fast.

Most people also need joy and happiness in their lives and I hope you understand you can have joy and happiness without a lot of money. Obviously a balance is needed if you are to prosper here. That’s what you need, prosperity, where you have everything essential for a fantastic life now and in the future. So the amount of money you need for prosperity can and does vary from person to person. One might need the minimum amount of money for her day to day needs relying on that money to come in time to pay for her needs, while, at the other extreme another might need money in the bank, not to spend, but for security.

So, accepting that money is not the be all and end all and neither is it unimportant, here are the minimum ways you need to do in order to bring prosperity, and hence money if you need it, into your life –

•    You must give thanks to the Universe daily for every blessing you have. Take your time and make a list of your blessings and add to it when you think of those additional blessings you probably take for granted.

•    Your visualization is key to getting your wish here. You must picture yourself as you want to become, having everything you need now and in the future.

•    You must totally understand you are unique and deserve the best in your life.

•    This can be difficult but you must eliminate even the thought of hurting others. Most people have thoughts along these lines without any idea of making their thoughts into reality. However, you should consciously make the effort to eliminate these types of thoughts from your mind.

•    Be nice to all, even if they aren’t nice to you. Yes there are selfish people around, even perhaps in your own family circle, but you shouldn’t be thinking of them being nice back at you as a consequence of your niceness. You must be nice for its own sake.

•    You need to help people, even in a simple way. The more you do this the more your life will change in a lasting way.

•    Generosity, be generous to all, the Universe will bless you for this. And the Universe will bless you all the more, the more generous you are.

I’ve taken the above advice, which I agree with, from the body of Rose Ariadne’s work. If you want more then check out the other articles here or alternatively you can go straight to -

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Rose Ariadne Mastering The Magick Of WItchcraft

Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft is a comprehensive witchcraft course compiled and produced by long term successful Witch, Rose Ariadne. This is an online course that includes magickal spells that work

» Check Out Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft by Rose Ariadne Here « 

Have you ever heard the phone ring and knew who it was before you answered it? If you did then you were connected to what Rose calls the ‘hidden energy’ that makes all magick possible. Rose will reach you how to tap into this ‘hidden energy’ at will.

Take a moment now to consider yourself with this ability all the time. Think about what you will be able to do now. Think about how your life will be changed.
Witchcraft is above all a practice  and a set of techniques, which includes the casting of spells that work.

Witchcraft is a practice that can be learned by anyone.
Witchcraft can definitely help you out with these problems —

  • Powerful love spells that work
  • Money spells
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Witchcraft was here as a very real practising religion before most of the present main religions started. It developed from the Shamans of our prehistoric ancestors and became a system of spirituality that benefited that community. As a consequence, each community developed their own ‘take’ on the subject. So there are a lot of types of Witchcraft to choose from, many different ways to do the same thing. Nowadays, things have converged a lot and the basic principles are utilised by most. This is made a lot easier if your teachers, or the people in your group, are the sort of people who resonate with you. Once that happens, your learning will proceed at a speed that will astound you.

Rose Ariadne is a successful practising Witch who is prepared to help you become a successful Witch.

Rose Ariadne’s Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft is a massive compilation of everything you will need to become a Witch in deed as well as just saying so.
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